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Mother in law lover



Personality analysis

This person (female?) is obsessed with his Mother-in-law. And not in a good way.

Quiznoz 10:37 23 Aug 06

Absolutely hilarious, in kind of a sick, twisted way. Looks like his fantasies about his mother in law has gone on for more then three months now.

Wobbuvahi 21:02 23 Aug 06

I dunno if it's a him, there are queiries about tits and husbands, but also about blowjobs... Maybe a hermaphrodite? Or possibly just a husband and wife that have a strange attraction to each other's families. o_O

I think in those cases he's looking for stories by searching for what the mother-in-law would say, from her point of view.

Anonynomousity 01:53 01 Sep 06

Talk about a one track mind...at least the other psychos occasionally searched for something else. I think she must still be looking for this: aol security upgrade 26 May, 10:44.

Sarah Wintergarden 01:28 23 Dec 06

I dont know, its hard to tell!

Kind Regards
Sarah Wintergarden

Bonsai kitten 09:33 25 Dec 06

OMFG!! This is an absolute gem of a search log. Should be number one. Jesus christ! Crazy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Ha!

sonny in law4u269028u57guryimetu24.7 01:33 20 Feb 07

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