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Homeless Joe



Personality analysis

I think that this person...is crazy, maybe homeless. He seems to be talking to himself via AOL search, asking questions and answering them.

This is a fascinating read, but it's also a sad window into this person's damaged mind.

Another site has a good analysis of this one:

I highly doubt someone was actually sitting at their desk typing this stuff in. I've parsed out only the date/time stamps, and they are entered methodically every 30 seconds or so, give or take, for continuous stretches lasting several hours.


This really sounds like an IM conversation.

This is the absolute craziest search I've seen so far.

I think something else is going on here, though I'd have no idea how and why...

I have a hypothesis for this one:
Some sort of undercover work. One side of an IM conversation is being logged (why not both sides?.) There is use of a covert channel to log this conversation. The trojan program on this person's computer causes searches to AOL search every 30 seconds during the day. The AOL cookie is copied on the trojan planter's computer and he can log in and check what the person searched for in the last 30 days using AOL's personalized search logging. The person being logged does not otherwise use AOL search.

There has been speculation that this conversation involves organized crime and General Motors in Detroit. It seems there is definitely something illegal going on here!

Choronzon's Girl 06:52 22 Dec 06

My take on what has to be the most disturbing of all the AOL Psycho entries: This man (I'd have named him Hey Joe since there's an unnerving connection somehow to that old Jimi Hendrix song, or else Lawnmower Man as he seems to be, well, a lawnmower man, and if you saw that film you'll see a LOT of parallels here) is:

- somewhat dissociative/MPD as occasionally he refers to self as someone else
- seems to be talking both to self and to some other entity (God, the Internet, the AOL Robot Therapist?)
- in my humble opinion most definitely murdered at least two or three people
- spends a lot of time cutting people's grass, it's probably how he gets by
- is not necessarily homeless, in fact, I doubt very much he was when this disturbing routine was going on, as it seemed to be rather constant, so he'd have had to have access to a computer for pretty much a whole month and there's no break in it as would have happened if it was someone ELSE'S computer and AOL account being used

AOL user #23187425 searched for:

Keyword   Found site
you come forward
start to stay off
i have had trouble
time to move on
all over with
joe stop that
i can move on
give you my time in person
never find a gain
i want change
know who iam
curse have been broken
told shawn lawn mow burn up
burn up
was his i deal
i would have told him
to kill him too
kill him to
he knows
to fry him
voices my grandmother
gone now
we all was half
more love for us
loved us more
my mom half
i her child
shawn mine
different fathers
was the key
did my mom know
mean no
are you sure of this
over with now
found peace there
all came to me
saw my grandfather
i did right
joe where is eddie
put him in prison
already in
leave him there
master mind that plow
ophia home
let her live some
was on the run
finish now
joe go to derby
where you was
girl friend go
left me
hear me ass at the derby
you here me asy your ass at the derby
you cheat
i start going out
take the boys
mean what
did you
you fly
box seats
help me on line who
friend rick
was rick
smart man
never it was the operators
knew it was the operator
tthey are sad
they are sad
you know they gave me a nudity line
that's no business
shouldn't be allow
joe my roof i call a master piece
piece of art
master piece
cat on the shoulder
highest one in history
call my roof
be fore that
everybody to speedway
save that man life
i see it
gave him time off
lady took place
see him rolling eyes
not friends
mean no
jeaslous of joe
he married
he his wife went back together
saw them years ago
at tj maxx
had his little boy