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Personality analysis

Original analysis: A shared computer, used by husband and wife in Houston. Each of them secretly having an affair. She types right into the browser: had an affair with a man and he thinks i need him now She also asks: why would a man enjoy talking to women online. Well maybe because he's having an affair just like you are! What messed up relationships people have...

See below for correction

Strange Cosmos 23:35 18 Aug 06

You've got it all wrong.

1) This is not a husband and wife cheating on each other. All these queries are written by the woman. She frequently searches for answers by typing text she imagines others might type on the same topic. When she wants to know why a man might shoot his wad too quickly, she searches for the woman i was with so hot she made me orgasm so fast, among other things. So, those AREN'T her husband's searches, they're hers. She searches like that throughout the log. Not bad for an AOL user.

2) Indeed, I think all of these searches are hers, even the ones that seem to be from her teenaged child (who's going to ALASKA!!! Yay!!!). She searches from others' points of view. The only search that may not be hers is the single ominous search of Thursday, May 4th, which is passwords. This is the day she spent in San Antonio with her lover. Maybe it's her husband trying to hack her email and chats.

3) Yeah, even the porno searches are hers. She's bi-curious and really interested in pubic hair (maybe her lover mentioned hairy chicks during a chat), group masturbation and celebs who may be bi. That's her. She's exploring.

This is a fascinating woman, and my heart goes out to her and her family, and I think we'll be hearing from all of them soon. Her lover is clearly identified in the log, as is the likely suburb of Houston where she lives and the churches she might attend.

If her life goes into the shitter over this, she can easily write a book. I'd read it.

AOLPSYCHO is violating the privacy rights of AOL customers.
If AOL does not stop this AOL should be taken to court also.
A visit to your lawyer is free.
Act immediately.

WinstonSmithJunior 20:39 30 Aug 06

What rights?

Have you checked the T&Cs lately?

Dutchfoxy 22:48 05 Sep 06

[People, stay on the subject!]

Quote from Strange Cosmos: she can easily write a book. I'd read it.

1> She allready wrote a book called To Kill a Mocking Bird :)

2> SHE or HE is losing hair. More likely that this is a HE problem though.

3> He also likes Jacky Zeman and would like her to be nude. Which could mean he is certainly over 45 years of age. The age could be supported by the skin problems he describes of white spots on face.

4> SHE is also over 40 because she suspects PRE-menopauze problems.

sHE ALSO HAS A mole on her nose.


yur smelly crack made you a queer girl. a little soap goes a long way to getting a proper mate. homosexual's should pray for forgiveness and be ashamed of the filthy things they do. i pray that you will suffer in hell for all eternity. just think if your mamma was a homosexual, you wouldn't have contaminated the world with your horrible existance.

Does it really matter? 16:42 11 May 07

yur smelly crack made you a queer girl. a little soap goes a long way to getting a proper mate. homosexual's should pray for forgiveness and be ashamed of the filthy things they do. i pray that you will suffer in hell for all eternity. just think if your mamma was a homosexual, you wouldn't have contaminated the world with your horrible existance.

Wow! It looks as though the Vaginal Beer Can Lady came back to look through her old search history, and became interested in someone else's.

In all seriousness, I would consider posting the AOL search data on this website more than a bit unethical. While the information is clearly floating around and accessible by anyone with an internet connection, it could still potentially be used for nefarious purposes. Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean that you SHOULD, if you get my drift. It would be nice if people in general took the high road more often.

Now that I'm off my podium, I'll admit that the info *is* interesting in a mor

Me again. Post character limit? 16:44 11 May 07

bid sort of way. Makes me weep for humanity, quite frankly.


PsychicPetDetective 19:21 08 Jul 07

I LOOOOOOVE Jackie Zeman nude!

yur all fucked in the head

You are good girls.
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