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snowline school districtwww.snowline.k12.ca.us
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lau vs. nichols. a class action suit brought by parentsof non--english-proficient chinese
lau vs. nichols. a class action suit brought by parents of non-english-proficient chinese students against the san francisco unified school district. in 1974 the supreme court ruled that identical education does not constitute equal education under the civil rights act of 1964. the court ruled that the district must take affirmative steps to overcome educational barriers faced by the non-english speaking chinese students in the district. 414 u.s. 563 1974www.wested.org
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snowline school districtwww.snowline.k12.ca.us
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snowline school districtwww.snowline.k12.ca.us
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if a front or disturbances in the upper atmosphere move in they help the warm moist air break free. this air can rise and punch through the stable-air cap that was holding it down.
tornadoes are produced inside powerful thunderstorms which in turn are created near the junction between warm moist air and cold dry air. and that gives us a clue to the major source of their energy the latent heat defined contained in the warm moist air mass. one section of the nation is best at producing tornadoes. this area is called tornado alley shown on the map . tornadoes are also relatively common in alabama arkansas florida georgia illinois indiana iowa kansas louisiana mississippiweathereye.kgan.com
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as you can see in the diagram above a batholith is a very large intrusive igneous body. there are two types of intrusive bodies that we are going to discuss 1 discordant and 2 concordant. a discordant igneous rock body cuts across the pre-exiting rock bed. batholiths and dikes are examples of discordant rock bodies. a dike is a vertical or near vertical intrusive igneous rock body that cuts across rock beds. they frequently form from explosive eruptions that crack the area around a volcano withvolcano.und.edu
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