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Personality analysis

Was highlighted in several blogs:http://www.webcitation.org/5I281WZej as somebody who contemplated to kill his wife. Later identified as Jason, a car repairman from South Orange, NJ, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Jason says that it was all a big hoax to see if the federal government was watching him. You see, I had a feeling big brother was monitoring me, so I put in all those crazy search items to see if AOL would contact me. Instead, I end up all over the internet.

When asked about his wife, Jason commented: sadly she passed away last month in a completely natural and in no way related to the fact that I searched 'how to kill my wife' and 'car crashes' online... car crash. He then returned to munching on his Steak and Cheese sandwich from a shop he found while searching aimlessly and harmlessly on the internet.

Anonynomousity 23:07 08 Sep 06

Pictures of dead people make him hungry??
9. murder photo 23 Mar, 22:20
10. steak and cheese 23 Mar, 22:22
11. photo of death 23 Mar, 22:30
And honestly... who searches for poop, in between searching for a way to kill your wife??

steak&cheese is a website that was pretty popular at my highschool. it used to have funny/embarrassing/uber-adult images, occasionally depicting violence, now im pretty sure its 100% violence. often very strange- like someone who was speared by a frozen stream of piss released from an aircraft