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Personality analysis

I think that this person is a woman who looks after feral cats. Her neighbor does not like the cats and is putting out nail traps to injure the cats. This person is upset and is asking God to bring vengance upon her neighbor but she wonders if this is the proper Christian thing to do.

This person is also going to a bridal shower and wants to know if she can bring a male friend. She is looking for some naughty sex toys to give at the shower.

(user id stolen from datablunder)

* getting even with your neighbor 12 Mar, 14:32
* how to enter your neighbors yard with him knowing 12 Mar, 14:33
* whats the worse thing you ever did to your neighbor 12 Mar, 14:45
* what the bible says about hurting animals 12 Mar, 14:47
* if we try to hurt feral cats isn't that what we sow and what will we reap from this 12 Mar, 14:49
* my neighbor is trying to catch my ferals on a board of nails 12 Mar, 14:51
* how to protect my feral cats from my crazy neighbor 12 Mar, 14:52
* want to scare my neighbor to death 12 Mar, 15:18
* my neighbor is trying to hurt my feral cats what can i do 12 Mar, 15:21
* nasty things to do to your neighbor 12 Mar, 15:31
* i need to remove the traps my neighbor set for my feral cats 12 Mar, 15:34
* are feral cats aware of nails in the ground 12 Mar, 15:38
* my neighbor set a trap with nails in it for my feral cats 12 Mar, 15:53
* my neighbor put nails on his property to hurt feral cats 12 Mar, 16:00
* my neighbor wants to hurt my cats 12 Mar, 16:03
* are cats careful not to step on something that can hurt them 12 Mar, 16:04
* god please send your best angels to protect my feral cats 12 Mar, 16:09
* neighbor put nail trap for feral cats but i removed them 12 Mar, 17:48
* neighbor is trying to hurt my feral cats 12 Mar, 19:10
* are you allowed to hurt an animal in queens new york 12 Mar, 19:29
* are people allowed to bring injury to feral cats 12 Mar, 19:30
* what people do for a feral cat not to go in their yard 12 Mar, 19:32

* can you pray for someone get hurt 14 Mar, 09:33
* asking god for vengence on someone 14 Mar, 11:17
* is it wrong to pray for god to take bengence on someone 14 Mar, 11:50
* is it wrong to pray to god to take vengence against someone 14 Mar, 11:51
* nothing happens unless god allows it to 14 Mar, 20:34
* vengence is gods but can we pray for vengence 14 Mar, 20:48
* is it wrong to pray to god for him to hurt someone 14 Mar, 20:52
* god please don't let my neighbor hurt my feral cats 14 Mar, 20:56
* how can i change the laws of cruelty to animals 15 Mar, 10:32

* bb gun wound in cat 22 May, 20:26
* looks like a bb gun wound that healed and now is opened again 22 May, 20:32
* a cat wound opened up again 22 May, 20:33
* wound that healed on cat has now reopened 22 May, 20:36
* cat wound reopened 22 May, 20:40
* cat had wound on side of body it healed up and now i noticed it's reopened 22 May, 20:42

* cat hurt leg and cant walk 28 May, 21:25
* my feral cat hurt its leg and now it walks on three 28 May, 21:27
* my feral cat hurt its leg will it get better on its own 28 May, 21:28
* im making a big room for my feral friends 28 May, 21:32
* making a big room for my feral cats 28 May, 21:32
- 29 May, 15:11

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