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baby want back



saurabh 09:19 05 Nov 06


tortured fuck up 20:12 01 Dec 06

I dont think shit this guy is a fucking weirdo...
but what the fuck who aint..eh? lol....

I like how he's unsure of the name Andy Milonakis and has so many various spellings for it and can't get it

i hate sex offenders, don't come to naptown or else i'll show you what the fuck i do to punk bitches like you in jail you fuckin' punto

aol blows the big one 08:52 20 Dec 06

fu** every one and there comments dont worry about what every one else does worry about your selves and what guy or women out there doesnt look at or watch porn there and if not to bad allwomen 18 teen and older on there only so fu** you!!!!!!!!!

stacy artis 16:39 29 Dec 06

im looking for asingle black female that the of 30 to 40 who love to go out to the movie and dinner and to the park like to watch dvd movie. So if you like to go places just call me at 757 309 6451.